SMD Component Taping Machine with Rotary Tower HJC-020S


Be used for the electrical performance test,appearance inspection and tape and reel packaging of inductor products.

Feeding mode
automatic feeding(can be customized into pallet feeding,vibrating disc feeding and belt feeding etc several modes according to the customer’s requirement).
automatic sealing,automatic cutting and automatic furling.
Test item
electrical test(polarity test,withstand voltage test,L/Q value,DCR,visual inspection can be done according to the customer’s requirement)
Applicable product
inductance(all-in-one series,NR series and CD series
Working environment
-5℃-50℃(there is no corrosive and harmful gas and flying dust etc severe environment).
Machine capacity
4-12 KPCS/H(to be determined according to product dimension and test time
Machine size
Power supply
single phase AC220,50HZ
Air supply
about 350KG

Main Features


1.This machine has strong universality. It only needs to replace some special parts of the machine to test other products. It is easy to operate, learn and use.

2.The station on the turret can be prepared according to actual situation.Optional test items can be configured.

3.Optional feeding mode.The structure is reasonable and efficiency is high.