Semi-auto Component Taping Machine HJC-1000

Name:Professional Semi-Auto SMD Taping Machine for SMD components packaging

Model: HJC-1000

Use: the taping packages of a variety of surface mounting devices (SMD)

Capability and parameter:

Model HJC-1000  Semi-auto Component Taping Machine
Feeding suitable with ELA-481 standard wheel and cover tape
Tape width 12mm-88mm
Control system In-built HMI
Temperature control two heads and independent PID temperature control, temperature range is 20-200°C
Taping speed 3000-7000PCS/hr. According to specific Component
Calculator count by fiber-optical sensitive
Package type self adhesive or hot sealing
Selective configuration
Weight 50KG
Mchine Dimension 1650*460*580mm (L*H*W)
Power supply AC200V / 50HZ
Pressure 3.0kg/cm2 (0.3Mpa)
Carrier tape empty alarm not available
Cover tape empty alarm not available
Empty pocket detection available
Counter Qty/Reel available(encoder)
Component Orientation alarm Non standard configuration/Optional sensor and image detection system
Carrier to cover weld strength check Need “Peel force tester” for check
Setup time for reel changeover 2~3minutes
Setup time for model changeover with different tape width 2~3minutes
Machine supply lead time 5days (standard)