Multiple Color Silk Printing Line HJM-006


① Vertical structure, the vertical lifting adopts frequency conversion electric type, and the left and right actions of the printing head adopt frequency conversion electric or servo drive.

② PLC control circuit, printing and screen lifting adopt independent driving source, and the performance is synchronized with that in Europe and America

③ Pneumatic control printing tool holder lifting, photoelectric eye control stroke, independent adjustment.

④ Three modes of manual / semi-automatic / full-automatic are set, and the printing indirect time is digitally controlled.

⑤ Independently designed head lifting device, ink scraper / ink return knife, screen loading and unloading and screen cleaning are convenient.

⑥ Double guide posts, left and right net clamp arms, and plate spacing adjustment devices are installed at the same time, which is convenient for adjustment.


Model# HJM-006 Printing thickness ≤25mm or customized
Maximum printing diameter 400mm Printing pressure 4.0~6.0 kfg/c㎡
Platform size 500*600mm Voltage / power 380V/50HZ /2.1KW
Maximum mesh frame 700*1100mm Machine size 2000*1650*1580mm
Maximum printing times 2500(PCS/H) Gross weight 1025(KG)


① The machine is controlled by microcomputer.

② The circuit adopts Chint AC contactor and Taiwan Yangming photoelectric eye switch.

③ The printing adopts Taiwan Chengbang gear reduction motor and double frequency conversion printing drive.

④ The printing scraper and ink return knife are controlled by SMC pneumatic components.

⑤ Imported precision linear guide rail is adopted for left and right horizontal scraping.

⑥ The printing platen adopts suction stainless steel and patented suction system.


① Clean the sundries on the machine before work and wipe the machine clean. Lubricating grease shall be regularly added to moving parts such as guide rail, guide post and bearing.

② The worktable is the key component affecting the printing quality to prevent the impact of hard objects. During printing, the ink cannot be used. God, water and other organic solvents drip onto the worktable.

③ The electric control panel and keys shall prevent damage caused by direct or indirect contact with solvents such as Tianna water and boiled oil and water.

④ The frame paint is to keep the machine from rusting and prevent damage caused by direct or indirect contact with solvents such as Tianna water and boiled oil and water.

⑤ The sewage and dirt in the oil mist combiner shall be discharged in time. Prevent it from being sent into the pneumatic components and affecting the normal operation, clean the cup body regularly, and add Peng 2 lubricating oil into the oil cup of the oil mist combiner.

⑥ When adjusting the flow limiting valve, the forcing nut must be loosened before manual adjustment. The handle screw on the machine is used for positioning. After it is fixed, it does not need to be tightened too hard.

⑦ After work, turn off the power / air source, clean the screen and keep it properly. Dust / pressure / hard object puncture prevention.



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