Industrial robot arm,Tansport robot arm,6-axis mini industrial robot arm,industrial robot arm kit

Industrial robot arm,Tansport robot arm,6-axis mini industrial robot arm,industrial robot arm kit
industrial robot arm★Fuction can be customized.
HJR-005 is very suitable for unloading and palletizing robot with higher load. Its working range is very large and its structure is compact, so it is very suitable for various applications. No matter where it is used: ensure the best cycle time.
HJR-005 has a powerful motor and gearbox, which can be produced at the highest speed. Even at a load of 700 kg, it can still complete 17 cycles per minute at an amazing speed. Therefore, it is easy to unload and stack layer by layer.
Fast and accurate
HJR-005 has a maximum operating range of 3320 mm and can be used in any application. It has a solid structure and powerful motor, and can complete any unloading and palletizing operation at full speed with the highest accuracy.
Maximum through hole
HJR-005 has 60 mm through holes, which can provide a lot of space for the towline system. This protects all commonly used hollow shaft hose assemblies that run inside them – and quickly replaces them when needed.
Low maintenance cost
Due to the structure, the maintenance cycle of HJR-005 is very long, so the maintenance cost is very low. Its standard protection grade is IP 65, which can resist the invasion of dust and water.
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