High Speed Forming and Taping Machine HJC-180

Equipment features

1. Imported cam transmission machinery, accurate and stable, durable and low noise, special hardening treatment of each part group, long service life

2. The motor control makes the transmission easier and the positioning more accurate, which eliminates the problems of high clutch failure rate and high maintenance cost

3. Imported divider positioning hole distance, accurate size, no fault

4. The whole system is controlled by geens PLC, with strong stability, and the operation interface is touch screen, which is easy to learn and more convenient for data adjustment

5. The upper clamp opening system is rack type, the center line of the clamp is unchanged and the product has no pinch injury, so it is more convenient to change the specification, ¢ 4 – ¢ 6 share a set of clamp, and ¢ 8 – ¢ 10 share a set of clamp

6. The size design of the upper and lower clamps is in line with the ergonomics, so that the equipment has enough debugging space, and it is more convenient to clean and maintain the machine

7. Stable folding receiving system, simple, convenient and trouble free

Applicable components:

I-type inductor, pin inductor