computer cutting machine,tape cutting machine,belt cutting machine

computer cutting machine,tape cutting machine,belt cutting machine
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This machine is suitable for electronic insulating sleeve, PVC battery heat shrinkable film sleeve, plastic rubber hose, PE film, pet plastic film, PVC plastic belt, PVC battery sleeve, heat shrinkable sleeve, glass fiber pipe, silica gel pipe, expansion pipe, yellow wax pipe, PE pipe, fiber pipe, Teflon pipe, PVC plastic pipe belt, glass fiber pipe, plastic hose, insulating paper, double-sided adhesive tape, foam tape, nickel sheet, copper foil and aluminum foil, Film sheet metal, Velcro, adhesive tape, Mylar paper, non-woven fabric, welding tape, optical fiber tape, sheet metal, metal tie
Fixed length cutting of plastic hose like / sheet materials such as wire, glass fiber tube, wire arrangement, etc.
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