Blade moving PCB separator, v-cut PCB separator,China Factory,Manufacturer,Supplier,Price

Blade moving PCB separator, v-cut PCB separator,China Factory,Manufacturer,Supplier,Price
Product features:
1, feeding type machine is a used on straight blade under the circular knife and electric machine, PCB board, aluminum board points as “board PCB by V groove fixed next knife, knife operation implementation points on the foot switch control board.
The device adopts step motor drive to separate large or small PCB boards with precut grooves.
The standard division length is the maximum 400mm, which can be completed by custom.
The moving stroke (the length of the dividing plate) can be set in advance, setting a range of 0, 100,200, 400mm.
2,the speed of the knife is 300mm/S and 500mm/S free toggle.
The clearance of the knife and knife can be adjusted easily by hand.
3, operating the security, protection of blade circular knife, not hurt it, can also be equipped with safety protection induction device, when people or foreign body into the working range, stop feeding.
4,It is made of SKH7 material imported from Sweden, which is hard and durable and has long life. It is small and prevents the welding spot from cracking.
Can separate PCB thickness: 0.5 mm -3.2 mm.
5,The remaining PCB thickness in V slot: standard 1/3PC plate thick, MIN0.2 mm, MAX0.8 mm.
6,V groove depth C minimum 0.25 mm, increased external dimensions after separation: 0.1 mm – 0.2 mm
7,Use scope:Suitable for all kinds of circuit boards, PCB, SMT with V groove aluminum base plate, the segmentation of LED circuit board, the article LED lights, no burrs, effect better, faster, don’t damage the circuit board components.Imported high speed steel blade, long life, is mainly used in the LED industry, SMT industry, mobile phone/mp3, electric toys, all kinds of electronics industry, the use of PCB industry.
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