Automatic Lead Cutting Machine,Capacitor Foot Clipper,Component Lead Cutter,Chinese Supplier

Automatic Lead Cutting Machine,Capacitor Foot Clipper,Component Lead Cutter,Chinese Supplier
Sales: Sabrina He
Mobile/Whatsapp/Skype/WeChat: 86-15989403900
Product features
1: The vibrating disc is customized according to the customer’s incoming capacitance, which is used with the foot shearing machine to realize the operation of automatic feeding and foot shearing.
2: Span 8-18 10-15 5-20 share one vibration plate
3: High cutting precision, can be cut to more than 2.5mm adjustable (shorter need to be customized), above adjustable.
4: Suitable for mass production, saving labor costs.
5. The main machine uses other radial components such as cut-off triode, safety capacitor, ceramic capacitor and varistor
6: The capacitor foot cutting machine can be used in combination with the feeding vibration plate or separately.
7: Special cutting method, the cutter is made of steel imported from Japan, with long service life and easy adjustment.
8: Set up a trolley to facilitate turnover.
9: It is easy to operate and maintain.
Voltage: 220 V AC60 Hz / 50 Hz
Dimensions:L 1100 x W 650 x H 1050mm
Weight: about 145kg
Efficiency: 4500-6000pcs / h
Foot length 2.5-2.0(mm)
Wire diameter 0.4-2.0(mm)
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