Automatic Insertion Machine for Various Component,auto insertion machine for pcb assemblies,terminal

Automatic Insertion Machine for Various Component,auto insertion machine for pcb assemblies,terminal
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The automatic high-speed special-shaped plug-in machine automatically inserts various specifications of special-shaped electronic components into the printed circuit board (PCB) according to the set procedures of different products. It has the functions of fixed bending angle and detection, so as to achieve the high-speed, high-precision and high stability plug-in effect.
SMT Terminal insertion machine for Electronic components,Automatic terminal plug in machine,Special-shaped component plug-in
Plug in component object: Key,tab, button, connector, capacitor, relay, horizontal component and other electronic components,automatic insertion machine for electronic components
Non-standard braided horizontal component plug-in machine automatically inserts various non-standard braided horizontal components into the PCB according to the set program. It has the fixed tail function and the detection function to achieve high speed, high precision and high stable insertion effect
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