Automatic Horizontal Taping Machine HJC-680

The latest and best horizontal taping machine in the industry is transformed into vertical taping machine, which is suitable for coaxial components, diodes, resistors, color coded inductors, magnetic beads, fuses, discharge tubes, transistors and other components

Equipment features

1. Change the original coaxial components can only use horizontal plug-in machine plug-in way, so that it can be common with vertical plug-in machine, save manpower and equipment repeated investment for enterprises, and save space for circuit board

2. The whole system is controlled by geens PLC, with strong stability, and the operation interface is touch screen, which is easy to learn and easy to adjust data

3. Servo motor control makes transmission easier and positioning more accurate, and eliminates the problems of high clutch failure rate and high maintenance cost

4. Imported cam transmission machinery, accurate, stable, durable, low noise

5. Special hardening treatment for each part group, less vulnerable parts

6. Super stable material receiving system, neatly folded, simple and convenient, trouble free