Auto Component Taping Machine HJC-007T

Name:Professional Auto SMD Taping Machine for SMD components packaging

Model: HJC-007T

Use: the taping packages of a variety of surface mounting devices (SMD)


Capability and parameter:

Model HJC-007T Auto Component Taping Machine
Feeding Rubber discs and paper discs 13 inch, 15 inch, 22 inch, 27 inch
Tape width 12 ≤ width ≤ 24mm, depth ≤ 30mm
Control system Programmable Logic Controller+Touch Screen+servo motor
Temperature control PID Temperature Control
Taping speed 3K-15K UPH per hour (determined by product type)
Calculator Internal pulse count
Package type Suitable for hot and cold seals
Selective configuration Image Detection System detects the direction, presence, pin and batch of the product
Weight 180KG
Mchine Dimension 1040*1020*1400(L*W*H)
Power supply AC220V / 50Hz
Pressure 0.40~0.6Mpa
Carrier tape empty alarm available
Cover tape empty alarm available
Empty pocket detection available
Counter Qty/Reel available(software auto count)
Component Orientation alarm Non standard configuration/Optional sensor and image detection system
Carrier to cover weld strength check Need “Peel force tester” for check
Setup time for reel changeover 2~4minutes
Setup time for model changeover with different tape width 2~4minutes
Machine supply lead time around 30days (customized per component size and customer requirement)